Demo Reel

CG artist reel 2021 (contact for password)

1. Robi – Personal project: 3D char and animation and 2D dust animation
2. The Amazing World of Gumball (TV-series) – Spider asset: Modeling and texturing
3. Go Jetters (TV-series) – Environment and props: Modeling, texturing and shading
4. Undisclosed project – Character Development: Concepting and sculpt
5. Bacchus (Short film) – Technical Art Director/CG Artist: Vis dev, look dev, layout/previs, set dressing, rigging, rendering, compositing
6. Danish West Indies (Animated documentary – Development teaser) – CG Artist: Layout, modeling, look dev, projection and texture clean-up, rendering, compositing
7. Alkabura – Personal Project: Creature design and 3D model
8. Trude’s Tier (TV-series) – Character and props: Modeling, texturing, rigging
9. The Last Rainforest (Commercial short) – CG Artist: Vis dev, modeling, texturing, shading, layout/previs, set dressing, rigging, lighting, rendering, compositing
10. In The Alley – Personal Project: 3D illustration series

Compositing reel 2019 (contact for password)