Personal project where I created a small character and did a bit of 3d and 2d animation practice. The idea was to make several

Gumball Spider

I had the opportunity to make this minor character for The Amazing World of Gumball during my internship at Studio Soi. I did


Bacchus is a 5-minute animation short film in 2d/3d created by a team of bachelor students at The Animation Workshop as our gr

In The Alley

A personal project where I wanted to develop a small 3d illustration series depicting a story moment.

Go Jetters

At Blue Zoo in London I got to work on the BBC show Go Jetters doing a full environment (among other things). I did modeling,


Alkabura is the name of the creature I created in a school project where the basic brief was to design a quadrupedal creature,

Trude’s Tier

I worked on the German show Trude’s Tier at Studio Soi during an internship, where I mainly created characters and props

Danish West Indies

Early teaser/development piece (sadly without sound) for a documentary project, which has now been cancelled. I did research a

The Last Rainforest

A school project where we in teams were to create a film for an NGO, in this case the danish Verdens Skove (Forests of the Wor

Various design/illustrations/sketches


“Calamity, A Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary” is a french feature film. I worked at Nørlum at first as a Composi

Big Hero 6 The Series

I joined the production on some of the last episodes of the first season of this Disney series at Nørlum. I did compositing,

The Route: Phil’s Unfinished Story

I worked on the animated part of this awareness-spot as the main compositor.


I worked as a CG artist at Ouros Animation on this information/explainer video project. I did look dev, render setup and comp