Bacchus is a 5-minute animation short film in 2d/3d created by a team of bachelor students at The Animation Workshop as our graduation project.

I had the main role of Technical Art Director, but had many functions and was in charge of several areas of the production (fully or partly), such as:
general planning of our 3d production, 3d look development, research and development, pipeline development and scripting, rigging lead, layout and camera, lighting and rendering, compositing, general technical problem solving and more.
I also worked on visual development mostly for characters, storyboarding and ideation, model optimization, texturing etc.

The rest of the team:
Rikke Planeta – Director
Signe Cold – Art Director
Amanda Jespersen Holm – Animation Lead
Kristina Sletting Jensen – Production Manager and Animator
Elise Tewedros – Pipeline Manager and CG artist
Laurie DesfougĂ©res – Animator
Akos Szurgent – Pre-Production Manager and CG artist
Linda Bjurhager – Animator
Kristine Berhmann Larsen – Animator